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Group Members

Ran Dai [CV

Email: dai.490 [at]           

Phone: (614)688-2123

Office: Scott Laboratory E430

Ran Dai is a Netjets Assistant Professor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at The Ohio State University. She received her bachelor degree from Beihang University and her master and Ph.D degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Auburn University. After graduation, she worked as an engineer in an automotive technology company, Dynamic Research, Inc., and conducted research and consulting in the areas of semi-autonomous vehicle guidance and control. From 2010 to 2012, Dr. Dai joined the Robotics, Aerospace, and Information Networks Lab at University of Washington as a postdoctoral fellow, where she was involved in an energy management project with application to the next generation of Boeing 787 aircraft power systems. Dr. Dai’s research focuses on optimal control, energy management, and networked dynamic systems. She is a recipient of National Science Foundation CAREER Award and NASA Early Faculty Career Award.


Charlie (Changhuang) Wan

PhD Student
Research Areas: 

Autonomous System, Mission Planning,

Optimal Control, Deep Reinforcement Learning

Myungjin Jung

PhD Student
Research Areas: 

Robotic System Design, Flight Control,

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Distributed Control

Sean (Sixiong) You

PhD Student
Research Areas: 

Control Theory, Nonconvex Optimization,

Automobile Control, Machine Learning

Chaoying Pei


PhD Student
Research Areas: 

Autonomous System, Trajectory Optimization, 

Mission Planning, Visual/Inertial Integrated Navigation





Gangshan Jing: Post Doctoral Researcher 10/2018---09/2019 Now: Postdoctoral Associate,  North Carolina State University


Chuangchuang Sun: PhD 08/2013---08/2018 Now: Postdoctoral Associate, Aerospace Controls Laboratory at MIT


Nathanial Kingry: Master 08/2016---05/2018 Now: Flight Control Engineer at Rockwell Collins.


Yue Zu: PhD 08/2013---11/2017 Now: Operation Research Analyst at Norfolk Southern Corporation 


Yen-Chen Liu: Master 08/2015---07/2017


Logan Towers: Undergraduate Research Assistant 05/2015---07/2017 Now: Engineer at Rockwell Collins

Adam Kaplan: Master 01/2014---12/2015 Now: Research Engineer at Scientific Systems Company, Inc

Kishan Patel: Undergraduate Research Assistant 05/2014---12/2015 Now: Engineer at United Launch Alliance

Justin Van Den Top: Undergraduate Research Assistant 05/2014---12/2015 Now: Engineer at UTC Aerospace Systems

Jeff Ellis: Undergraduate Research Assistant 05/2013---05/2014